Product Code: BSTX-2244-00

Bore Tech’s BORE STIX feature true ball bearing handles. This allows for effortless motion and precise following of the barrel’s rifling. This means no more jags and brushes unscrewing while cleaning. Ergonomically designed handles offer a comfortable grip, non-slip foam that inhibits damage to the rifles stock.

All BORE STIX utilise a calibre specific, enhanced steel core that allows for unsurpassed rigidity, minimising bow and flex found in other manufacturers’ cleaning rods. The steel core is coated with a proprietary, uniform covering that is extremely chemically resistant and durable. The coating does not soften, letting bore debris embed into it and does not peel or scratch, even under the most extreme conditions.

BORE STIX have a female ended tip that eliminates the need for additional adapters when changing between Jags and Brushes. Each tip is specifically machined to provide a completely smooth edge free transition between the rod and attachments, helping to prevent damage to the firearm’s crown while pulling the rod back through the bore.

Additionally BORE STIX have a unique index dot system that allows for easy determination of your firearm’s twist rate.

Rod diameter (inches).205"