223 Rem


Product Code: H83266

Hornady® Varmint Express® ammunition is designed around the hard-hitting performance of our famous V-MAX™ bullet. Polymer tipped V-MAX™ bullets deliver match accuracy, high ballistic coeffi cients, wind defying trajectories and rapid fragmentation upon contact. Each Varmint Express® offering is loaded with high quality cases and carefully selected propellant and primers that are all chosen to provide the best performance in each individual load. In addition to the V-MAX™ loadings, we now have several offerings that feature the Hornady® NTX® bullet. The NTX® bullet features a non-traditional core material that is formed through a proprietary process on-site at the Hornady® bullet factory. Purpose built to deliver complete fragmentation, even at low velocities, the NTX® composite core provides varmint hunters a new alternative for use in areas with lead restrictions.

H#I#T#S# # (100 Yard Value)117
Ballistic Coefficient (G1)0.177
Sectional Density0.1
Test Barrel Length (inches)24
Packet Quantity20/Box